An experienced host

– Denmark – an experienced and world-leading sports event nation

– Aarhus – amongst the most professional sailing event organisers in the world

– Aarhus – a reliable and international event partner

Denmark has a strong tradition as a host of large international sports events and guarantees great commitment, know-how and toplevel organisation. These characteristics were evident in the successful staging of the 2011 UEFA European Under-21 Championship, the 2011 UCI World Road Cycling Championship, the 2013 CEV Men´s European Volleyball Championship and the 2014 EHF Men´s European Handball Championship, which have paved the way for even more and bigger sports events in the years to come. With over 7,000km of coastline, Denmark has ideal conditions for sailing, a proud maritime history and has fostered some of the best sailors in the world. You are never more than 50km from the sea in Denmark and usually much closer to a sailor. Naturally, sailing events hold a special position in the Danish event strategy, and the bidding city of Aarhus alone has already hosted a considerable share of big sailing events.

Having welcomed such sailing events as the 2008 ISAF Youth Sailing Championship, the 2010 505 World Championship, the 2011 A-Cat World Championship and the 2013 49er & 49erFX European Championship, Aarhus has what it takes to stage a worldclass sailing event – and 2018 is the right time to take the next step with the ISAF Sailing World Championships.

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