Presentation of the event venue

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The competition venue will be the Aarhus Yachting Harbour and some of the surrounding facilities at the maritime city quarter “Aarhus Ø” (56°9’58″N, 10°13’18″E).

All onshore facilities such as boat parks, launching facilities, mooring facilities for coach, VIP, press and spectator boats, container and equipment storage, spectator area facilities, athlete facilities, ISAF and Organising Commitee facilities will be located at the Aarhus Yachting Harbour.

All auxiliary facilities such as mooring facilities for race committee boats, rescue boats, gear boats as well as storage and maintenance facilities for race gear, radio communication equipment, fuel handling etc. will be based at the Egaa Marina, approximately 2 nm north of the Aarhus Yachting Marina and less than 1 nm from race course C and E.

The Aarhus Yachting Marina has been the host of numerous sailing events such as the 2008 ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship, the 2011 Melges 24 European Championship, the 2013 49er & 49erFX European Championship, the 2015 470 European Championship as well as the annual Aarhus Sailing Week, a multi-class event for Olympic and non-Olympic classes (ISAF grade 3) run on 5-6 race courses simultaneously.

At the sailing venue all boat parks will surround the “heart of the venue” which will be the Aarhus International Sailing Centre, ready by mid 2016.

The space which will be required for boat parks according to the ISAF guidelines is approximately 25,000m² plus space for containers etc. The area available for boat parks in Aarhus Yachting Marina is approximately 40,000m² plus an additional 50,000m² for free car, trailer and container parking in adjacent areas within walking distance of the heart of the venue.

The master plan is to have three main boat parks  each with its own individual launching and mooring facilities and with the possibility of having storage containers and individual workshop facilities close by. All boat parks and venue sites are in walking distance, but to ease logistics, the boat park to the west (right, below) will be connected with the rest of the competition venue with a permanent connection or a manned ferry, see also #7)


“Click here to see the venue map”

We acknowledge that the layout for an efficient boat park needed for such a huge event must be studied and planned very carefully. Our plan is to establish an event facility management department as soon as the event has been awarded to Aarhus. This department will include representatives from Sailing Aarhus, the City of Aarhus and the Port of Aarhus and in cooperation with ISAF, class and sailor representatives the facility and logistics manager will carefully study previous solutions at events like the Perth 2011 and the Santander 2014 Worlds and other major ISAF events, and work out the “perfect” venue plan for the 2018 ISAF Worlds.


“Boat parks and ramps, team containers and workshops”

This plan will of course be subject to approval by ISAF and will eventually be available to be incorporated into future event and bidding guidelines to be used by ISAF or other event management organisations.

The heart of the 2018 ISAF Worlds will be the Aarhus International Sailing Centre.

The Aarhus International Sailing Centre, which will be ready by mid 2016, has a total floor area of 3,400m² and stands as an iconic landmark at the entrance of the competition venue for the 2018 ISAF Worlds. The spectacular architecture of the building will contribute to the beautiful background of the Medal Race Area and help create an attractive platform for the branding and visual identity of 2018 ISAF Worlds.

Aarhus Internationale Sejlsportcenter 3.jpg

“Aarhus International Sailing Centre – spectator promenade facing Medal Race Area”

Overlooking the dinghy park, the Bay of Aarhus and the Medal Race Area, the Aarhus International SailingCentre is situated at the heart of the competition venue within walking distance of all main locations in the Aarhus Yachting Marina.

On the first floor there will be meeting facilities and a 250m² VIP lounge overlooking the Bay of Aarhus and the Medal Race Area. Additionally, the first floor offers a 300m² terrace facing south overlooking the dinghy park and with a view over the City of Aarhus, for social activities, VIP and corporate hospitality events.


“VIP lounge during the 2010 505 World Championship in Aarhus”

The two large boatsheds amount to a total of 1,800m² and will be equipped with athlete facilities, a catered sailors’ lounge, free high-speed Wi-Fi as well as the “Nations Bar” with daily, social entertainment.

Next to the International Sailing Centre you find the office building, SHIP, in which a press and media centre with facilities for the host broadcaster will be established. The press and media centre will overlook the Bay of Aarhus and the Medal Race Area.

Being situated just next to the International Sailing Centre and the audience, this is the perfect place for the mixed zone where media – as well as fans – can meet the athletes before and after the races.

North of SHIP lies Jette Tjikøbs Square where the main spectator area/fan zone will be located. This area will also include a grandstand with seats for app. 3,000 spectators; a promenade offering great views for the thousands of further spectators; and other spectator facilities.